About CMS

Our Philosophy:

“To stand out from the competition, it takes a total commitment to the customer’s needs and priorities – a commitment from management put into practice and made successful by top-of-the-line employees and support personnel.”

Photo courtesy of Daniel Chavez (danielchavez@therealdanchav)

CMS works hand-in-hand with Board of Directors, homeowners and outstanding contractors to enable homeowners to protect their shared assets, enhance property values and create a positive community living experience.

What separates CMS from other management firms is the quality of information and services we provide. CMS has placed significant emphasis on creating information databases and reports that optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of our resources as well as provide our board members with valuable insight into the operations and activities of their association.

Community Management Specialists (CMS) specializes in the management of homeowner associations in the Denver Metro Area. We have been in business since 1993 continuing to provide the best quality management services to our clients.

  1. Our first priority is INCREASING VALUE. The result of sound property management is increased value of individual homes within the community. This objective is the primary consideration in our management plan.
  2. The second priority is COMMUNICATION. Effective communication is essential throughout the management process. A strong communication tie increases the probability that the Association’s objectives will be met. Good communication also reduces the effort required to accomplish those objective as well as reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings. Effective communication, we feel, just be both written and verbal to provide for sound and timely decisions.
  3. Our third priority is FINANCIAL STABILITY. A consistent process for collecting dues is used to ensure financial stability and reduce delinquencies. An annual budget is prepared in collaboration with the Board of Directors. Adequate reserves coupled with a balanced annual budget create increased marketability of the property to prospective buyers thereby creating increased property value to individual homeowners.
  4. Our fourth priority is ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL AND PROPERTY MAINTENANCE. Managing the physical assets of the Association is a crucial part of the overall management process because it significantly affects the value of the property. An architectural Control/Property Maintenance program is developed for each of our properties and is continually re-examined to achieve the desired objectives of the Association. CMS has no ownership interests in any subcontracting service, which allows us to more equitably evaluate pricing and ongoing performance of all subcontractors. Consistent covenant control and systematic property maintenance not only enhances the visual “street” appeal and overall integrity of the complex, but also provides a competitive advantage over other housing alternatives.