CMS Rentals FAQ’s

CMS Rental Question and Answers

  1. Do you come out and look at the property and help to set a rental price?
    Absolutely, and we can do a market evaluation of the neighborhood to see what people are getting for comparable properties. You then make the decision about the rental price to set for the unit.
  2. Do you advertise to rent the property?  Yes
  3. If so, how do you advertise?
    We advertise in the newspapers, and on various websites, and then take the ad price out of the rental money we receive.
  4. Once it is rented, do you collect the rent?
    Yes, we collect the rent and send you a monthly ledger showing if something is taken out for repairs, landscaping, advertising, etc.  CMS takes 10% of the rental price as payment for our services. This fee is negotiable for multiple rentals. We also have a separate escrow account for the deposit–so you do not have to worry about setting up your own account.
  5. And if any problems arise, does the renter call you directly to fix the problem?
    If problems arise, they call us. If the repair or issue is under a set amount that you choose (ex: $200 or $250) then we just handle it. If the repair issue is going to cost more than that, we will call you for approval.
  6. Do you provide lawn services?
    We are happy to set up lawn service or hire any other contractors for you. Again, we would take the lawn charge out of the rental price, and then send you the rest.
  7. What kind of background checks do you do for prospective tenants?
    We contact the person’s last landlord and verify employment. For an additional fee, we will run a credit check.

With CMS Rental Service, you sign a contract with us and we take care of every aspect of renting your property for you. We receive the rental payments every month, take out our fees, any repair or other lawn charges, and then send you a financial report and the net payment. The tenant would call us with any problems or issues. You would only be contacted in case of a major repair.

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